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Casting directors are hired to cast talent for movies, shows, original features, commercials, TV programs, print work, fashion shows, runway, etc. Our CD-ROM Talent Cast™database will be sent to over 500 casting directors that work with major entertainment networks and 500 talent agencies around the world. Here are just a few names that are on our list.
Major Networks ABC
New Line Cinema
Universal Pictures
Miramax Films
Lion's Gate Films
Fox Searchlight
Columbia Pictures
MTV Network
Trimark Pictures
Dreamworks Studios
Walt Disney
Touchstone Pictures 
Dreamworks Studios
Cloud Ten Pictures
Sony Pictures
Cartoon Network
E! Entertainment
The Shooting Gallery
Comedy Central
Spike TV

ABC Family Network
Kate Brinegar

ABC Television -
Cstg., Pauline O'Con
Mark Teschner Casting, C.S.A.

"General Hospital" (ABC)
Soap - Cstg.: Mark Teschner

"Alias" (ABC)
Cstg.: April Webster

"All My Children" (ABC)
Cstg., Judy blye Wilson

"One Life to Live" (ABC)
Soap - Cstg., Julie Madison

"NYPD Blue" (ABC) Series
Cstg., Junie lowry Johnson

According to Jim (ABC)
Jeff Greenberg

It's All Relative (ABC)
Jeff Greenberg

My Wife and Kids (ABC)
Kevin Scott

Drew Carey Show (ABC)
Debra Zane

Threat Matrix (ABC)
Steve Brooksbank

I'm With Her (ABC)
Jeff Greenberg

Hope & Faith (ABC)
Bonnie Zane

Warner Bros. 20th Century Fox

"Charmed" (WB) Series
Spelling Television Inc.
Cstg., Stacy Alexander; Publ., Nan Sumski

"Smallville" (WB)
Cstg., Deedee Bradley

"7th Heaven" (WB) Series
Spelling Television Inc.
Cstg., Vicki Huff; Publ., Nan Sumski

"Third Watch"
John Wells Prod. / Warner Bros. Television
Cstg: Jeff Block,

"One Tree Hill" (WB)
Cstg., Alex Wald

Reba (WB)
Greg Orson

Everwood (WB)
Patrick Rush

Warner Brothers TV
Billy Finnegan

20th Century Fox Features Casting
Christian Kaplan

20th Century Fox
Donna Isaacson

20th Century Fox Television Casting
Tony Martinelli

20th Century-FOX
Nan Dutton, C.S.A.

"The O.C." (FOX)
Cstg., Patrick j Rush

"Malcolm in the Middle" (FOX)
Cstg., Nikki Valko

"Grounded for Life" (FOX)
Cstg., Cami Patton

"Arrested Development" (FOX)
Cstg., Deborah Barylski

"That '70s Show" (FOX)
Cstg: Werner Prods

NBC Warner Bros.

NBC Productions -
Patricia Noland

"Days of Our Lives" (NBC) Soap -
Columbia Pictures Television
Cstg., Fran Bascom

"Law & Order" (NBC) Series
Cstg., Lynn Kressel

"Las Vegas" (NBC)
Cstg., Meg Liberman

"Will & Grace" (NBC) Series
Cstg., Tracy Lilienfield

"ER" (NBC) Series
Cstg., John Levey

"Passions" (NBC)
Cstg., Jacklynn Briskey

"Saturday Night Live"
Casting: Ryan Shiraki

Late Night with Conan OBrien (NBC)
Janine Michael

"Charmed" (WB) Series
Spelling Television Inc.
Cstg., Stacy Alexander; Publ., Nan Sumski

"Smallville" (WB)
Cstg., Deedee Bradley

"7th Heaven" (WB) Series
Spelling Television Inc.
Cstg., Vicki Huff; Publ., Nan Sumski

"Third Watch"
John Wells Prod. / Warner Bros. Television
Cstg: Jeff Block,

"One Tree Hill" (WB)
Cstg., Alex Wald

Reba (WB)
Greg Orson

Everwood (WB)
Patrick Rush

Warner Brothers TV
Billy Finnegan

Miscellaneuos CBS

"The Man Show." (Comedy Central)
Cstg., Pat Melton

Nip/Tuck (F/X)
Eric Dawson

Dead Like Me (Showtime)
Paul Weber

Stargate (Sci-Fi)
Paul Weber

The Opposite of Sex (UPN)
Holly Powell

MTV/MTV 2 Talent
Rod Aissa

Courtney Mullin

Michelle Levitt

Kia Riddick

Spike TV
Casey Patterson

Jim Kozloff

Columbia Pictures Television
Fran Bascom

Disney Channel
Adam Bonnett

Disney Productions
Dana Hinton

Disney TV Animation
Jamie Thomason

DreamWorks Casting
Wendy Schwam

E! Entertainment TV
Dan Gibson

Entertainment CBS
Lara Tal

CBS Television
Cstg., Christy Dooley

CBS Studio Center
Gilda Stratton Casting, C.S.A

CBS Productions
Mark Saks

"King of Queens" (CBS)
Cstg., Meg Liberman

"Without a Trace" (CBS)
Cstg., Gary m Zuckerbrod

"The Bold & the Beautiful" (CBS)
Soap/Bell-Phillip TV Prods.

"The Young and the Restless" (CBS) Soap
Cstg., Marnie Saitta; Publ., Frank Tobin

"JAG" (CBS) Series
Cstg., Melissa Skoff

Guiding Light (CBS)
Rob Decina

Hack (CBS)
Diane Heery

Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)
Lisa Miller Katz

Joan of Arcadia (CBS)
Vicki Rosenberg

The District (CBS)
Simon Ayer

Yes, Dear (CBS)
Dava Waite

Late Show with David Letterman (CBS)
Bill Langworthy

As the World Turns (CBS)
Jimmy Bohr

Disney HBO
Disney Channel
Tina Treadwell, exec. director

Disney Feature Animation

Walt Disney/Touchstone Television

Disney Studios
Cstg.,Deborah Barylski - C.S.A.

"The Sopranos" (HBO)
Cstg., Georgianne Walken
Cstg., Sheila Jaffe

"Deadwood" (HBO)
Cstg., Junie lowry Johnson

"Six Feet Under" (HBO)
Cstg., Junie lowry Johnson

Misc. Casting Directors  

Dan Duckworth AAA Voice Casting
Danica Rosen Abigail McGrath, Inc.
Kimberly Hope Adrienne Stern
Jaslyn Melichar Amy Gossels Casting
Elizabeth Greenberg Avy Kaufman Casting
Casting Background, Inc.
Jeff Gafner Beth Melsky Casting
Peter Block Block Casting
Joslyn Tuebner Breanna Benjamin Casting
Gayle Holsman Seay Carlton Casting
Amanda Harding Casting Artists Inc.
Michael Cohen Casting House
Liz Ortiz-Mackes Casting Solutions
Scott Wojcik Charles Rosen Casting
Amanda Balkema Cindi Rush Casting
Jeff Barber CTP Casting
John Mabry Dani Super Casting
Rachel Hoffman Dave Clemmons Casting
Julie Gillis Domenic Andreoli Casting
Regina Flynn Domenic Andreoli Casting
Tom Harris Donald Case Casting, Inc.
Fay Shumsey Downstairs Casting
Maurice James Elissa Myers Casting
Rita Powers Extras Casting by Booked
Beth Schiff Godlove & Company Casting
Melissa Braun Grant Wilfley Casting
Eileen Duffy Harriet Bass Casting
Mary Egan House Productions
Bob Kale Hughes Moss Casting Ltd.
Craig Lechner Impossible Casting
Ross Meyerson Inproduction Casting
Julie Foh James Calleri Casting
Anna Hoffman James Calleri Casting
Janet Foster Janet Foster Casting
Laura Stanczyk Jay Binder Casting
Shawn Wilson Jerry Beaver Casting
Jimmy Floyd Jimmy Hank Productions
Joan Lynn Joan Lynn Casting
Joanne Pasciuto Joanne Pasciuto Inc.
Karla Brown Jodi Collins Casting
Mark Gray Joel Manaloto Casting
Jonathan Strauss Jonathan Strauss
Stephanie Kovacs Joy Weber Casting
Larry Levine Judie Fixler Casting
Judy Bowman Judy Bowman
Nathalie de Lange Judy Keller Casting
Peter Kalin Kalin-Todd Casting Inc.
Bill Tripician Kee Casting
Kelli Lerner Kelli Lerner Casting
Greg Levins Kipperman Casting, Inc.
Amanda Harding Koblin/Harding Casting
Driss Tijani Kristine Bulakowski Casting
Judy Bowman Laura Richin Casting
Lisa Lelas Lelas Talent Casting
Leonard Finger Leonard Finger Casting
Linda Ferrara Linda Ferrara Casting
Stefanie Black Liz Woodman Casting
Lynn Kressel Lynn Kressel Casting
Samantha Finkler Mackey Sandrich Casting
Gina Holland Madland Casting
Gayle Seay Margolis-Seay Casting
Maria Greco Maria & Tony Greco Casting
Jeff Barber MBC Casting
Nia Renee Hill McCorkle Casting, Ltd.
Lesley Freedman McHale Barone
Michelle Ortlip Michele Ortlip Casting
Michele Pulice Michele Pulice Casting
John Johnson Mike Roscoe Casting, Ltd.
Bonnie Marsh Mitchell/Rudolph Casting
Arnold Mungioli Mungioli Theatricals Inc.
Nora Brennan Nora Brennan Casting
Maria Nelson Orpheus Group Casting
Paul Russell Paul Russell Casting
Battina Cooper Monica Cooper Casting
Monica R. Cooper Monica Cooper Casting
Keno Deary Monica Cooper Casting
Thai Buckman Monica Cooper Casting
Monica Swann Monica Swann Casting
Monika Mikkelsen Monika Mikkelsen Casting
Leah Buono Monika Mikkelsen Casting
Julie Mossberg Mossberg/Anthony Casting
Jill Anthony Mossberg/Anthony Casting
Rod Aissa MTV Network
Roger Mussenden Mussenden & Torres
Elizabeth Torres Mussenden & Torres
Nancy Nayor Nancy Nayor Casting
Naomi Yoelin Naomi Yoelin Casting
Jeff Meshel NBC
Gilda Stratton Gilda Stratton Casting
Susan Glicksman Glicksman/Wald Casting
Alex Wald Glicksman/Wald Casting
Abra Edelman Goodman-Edelman Casting
Elisa Goodman Goodman-Edelman Casting
Gregory Orson Gregory Orson Casting
Robert Knotek Hank McCann Associates
Hank McCann Hank McCann Associates
Amy Jo Berman HBO
Carrie Frazier HBO
Heide Levitt Heidi Levitt Casting
Leah Buono Heidi Levitt Casting
Bill Ingram Heidi Levitt Casting
Steve Helgoth Helgoth & Assoc. Casting
Jeff Greenberg Jeff Greenberg Casting
Collin Daniel Jeff Greenberg Casting
Geralyn Flood Jeff Greenberg Casting
Jeff Hardwick Jeff Hardwick Casting
Jennifre DuMont Jennifre Dumont Casting
Jerold Franks Jerold Franks & Assoc.
Joan Simmons Joan Simmons Casting
Joanna Colbert Joanna Colbert Casting
Richard Mento Joanna Colbert Casting
Joe Adams Joe Adams Casting
Joel Thurm Joel Thurm Casting
Joey Paul Jensen Joey Paul Casting
Johanna Ray Johanna Ray & Assoc.
Kari Peyton Kari Peyton Casting
Kathy Knowles Kathy Knowles Casting
Katy Wallin Katy Wallin Casting
Anita Johnson Lusk Katy Wallin Casting
Christine Elmore Katy Wallin Casting
Kevin Miller Kevin Miller Casting
Michael Schiavone L.A. Casting
Leah Olympia L.A. Casting
Joe Marino L.A. Casting
Judy Landau Landau Casting
Katherine Landau Landau Casting
Laray Mayfield Laray Mayfield Casting
Laura Gleason Laura Gleason Casting
Mia Levinson Levinson/Arvold Casting
Dan Cowan Lien/Cowan Casting
Rick Jacobs Lifetime Television
Lila Selik Lila Selik Casting
Linda Francis Linda Francis Casting
John Brace Linda Lowy Casting
Linda Lowy Linda Lowy Casting
Lisa Fields Lisa Fields Casting
Lisa Miller Katz Lisa Miller Katz Casting
Lisa Pantone Lisa Pantone Casting
James Pantone Lisa Pantone Casting
Lindsay Chag Living Dream Productions
Carolyn Long Long/Di Matteo Casting
Concetta Di Matteo Long/Di Matteo Casting
Lori Cobe-Ross Lori Cobe-Ross Casting
Lorna Johnson Lorna Johnson Casting
Melissa Abesera Melissa Abesera Casting
Melissa Skoff Melissa Skoff Casting
Michael Donovan Michael Donovan Casting
Michael Ross Michael Donovan Casting
Mimi Webb-Miller Mimi Webb-Miller Casting
Mina Vasquez Mina Vasquez Casting
Molly Lopata Molly Lopata Casting

Dani Super Rush and Super Casting
Carol Nadell Selective Casting
Andrea Shane Shane/Goldstein Casting
Sidra Smith Sidra Smith Casting
Jennifer Joy Arnett Sirius Casting
Rachel Kramer Spotty Dog Productions
Elizabeth Gans Stark Naked Productions
Kelly Gillespie Stephanie Klapper Casting
Sue Crystal Sue Crystal Casting
Jonathan Strauss Todd Thaler Casting
Tony Cusumano Toni Cusumano Casting
Terry Ronca Toni Roberts Casting, Ltd.
Serena Rosario Tuffy Questell/TEC Casting
Louise Moore VideoActive Talent
Tom Alberg Vince Liebhart Casting
Georgianne Walken Walken/Jaffe Casting
Charles Esposito World Casting
Aaron Griffith Aaron Griffith Casting
Aisha Coley Aisha Coley Casting
Alan Kaminsky AKA Casting
Akua Campanella Akua Campanella Casting
Al Guarino Al Guarino Casting
Allison Jones Allison Jones Casting
Jack Phelan Alpine Entertainment, Inc.
Amy Klein Amy Klein Casting
Amy Lippens Amy Lippens Casting
Anna Miller Anna Miller Casting
Annelise Collins Annelise Collins Casting
Mandy Sherman April Webster Casting
Mary Gail Artz Artz/Cohen Casting
Justin Radley ASG Casting Inc.
Ava Shevitt Ava Shevitt Casting
Barbara Claman Barbara Claman Casting
Judy Belshe Belshe Casting
Beth Holmes Beth Holmes Casting
Felicia Fasano Betty Mae Casting
Beverly Long Beverly Long Casting
Donna Ekholdt Big Ticket Television
Rae Lockett Bill Dance Casting
Blanca Valdez Blanca Valdez Casting
Bonita Deneen Bob Morones Casting
Brian Myers Brian Myers Casting
Brien Scott Brien Scott Casting
Ross Brown Brown-West Casting
Mary V. Buck Buck/Edelman Casting
Victoria Burrows Burrows-Boland Casting
Carol Lefko Carol Lefko Casting
Carolyn Dyer Carolyn Dyer Casting
Samuel Warren Casting Society of America
Carelyn Wilson Cecily Adams Casting
Toni Cervantes Cervantes Casting
Amy McIntyre Britt CFB Casting
Charisse Glenn Charisse Glenn Casting
Charlie Bogdan Charlie Bogdan Casting
Billy Damota Chelsea Studios
Aaron Revoir Clair Sinnett Casting
Submissions Compassionate Casting
Shannon Dunn Creative Extras Casting
Cydney McCurdy Cydney McCurdy Casting
Danielle Eskinazi Danielle Eskinazi Casting
Dava Waite Dava Waite Casting
Debe Waisman Debe Waisman Casting
Deborah Kurtz Deborah Kurtz Casting
Debra Neathery Debra Neathery Casting
Mia Levinson Debra Zane Casting
Dennis Gallegos Dennis Gallegos Casting
Eddie Foy III Dick Clark Productions
Joy Dickson Dickson-Arbusto Casting
Donald Kushner Donald Kushner Casting
Dylann Brander Donna Rosenstein Casting
Dorothy Koster Dorothy Koster Casting
Douglas Wright Douglas Wright Casting
Elaine Craig Elaine Craig Voice Casting
Elina DeSantos Elina DeSantos Casting
Ellie Kanner Ellie Kanner Casting
Emily Schweber Emily Schweber Casting
Eve Brandstein Eve Brandstein
Fern Champion Fern Champion Casting
Maggie Burr Fern Champion Casting
Scott Rosen Fern Champion Casting
Randi Hiller Finn/Hiller Casting
Sarah Halley Finn Finn/Hiller Casting
Pauline OCon FOX Broadcasting Co.
Marcia Shulman FOX Broadcasting Co.
Bob Huber FOX Broadcasting Co.
Jacob Ferret Funky Ferrets Casting
Robert Ferret Funky Ferrets Casting
Robert Moreno Gerald L. Wolff Assoc.
Gerald Wolff Gerald L. Wolff Assoc.
Jan Glasser Gerald L. Wolff Assoc.
Christine Joyce Gerald L. Wolff Assoc.
Gerrie Wormser Gerrie Wormser Casting
David Giella Giella & Dunlop Casting
Eddie Dunlop Giella & Dunlop Casting
Janet Campbell Helgoth & Assoc. Casting
Helyn Taylor Helyn Taylor Casting
Judith Holstra Holstra/Sugar Casting
Lori Sugar Holstra/Sugar Casting
Simon Ayer Hymson-Ayer Casting
Beth Hymson Ayer Hymson-Ayer Casting
Catherine Wilshire Iris Hampton Casting
Iris Hampton Iris Hampton Casting
Jackie Briskey Jackie Briskey
James Tarzia James Tarzia Casting
Chuck McCollum Jeanie Bacharach Casting
Jeff Gerrard Jeff Gerrard Casting
Tom Carnes Jeff Gerrard Casting
Jeff Golomb Jeff Golomb Casting
Elaine Huzzar Johanna Ray & Assoc.
John Mulkeen John Mulkeen Casting
Julia Flores Julia Flores Casting
Julie Ashton Julie Ashton Casting
Romy Stutman Julie Ashton Casting
Yawar Charlie Julie Ashton Casting
Ron Surma Junie Lowry-Johnson Casting
Karen Margiotta Karen & Mary Margiotta
Mary Margiotta Karen & Mary Margiotta
Karen Armstrong Karen Armstrong
Karen Armstrong Karen Armstrong Casting
Erica Arvold Levinson/Arvold Casting
Margaret Pearson Liberman/Patton Casting
Nelia Morago Liberman/Patton Casting
Sandi Logan Liberman/Patton Casting
Tim Payne Liberman/Patton Casting
Elizabeth Barnes Liberman/Patton Casting
Kate Caldwell Liberman/Patton Casting
Cheryl Kloner Liberman/Patton Casting
Angela Terry Liberman/Patton Casting
Lisa Ystrom Liberman/Patton Casting
Meg Liberman Liberman/Patton Casting
Cami Patton Liberman/Patton Casting
Irene Cagen Liberman/Patton Casting
Michael Lien Lien/Cowan Casting
Louis Goldstein Louis Goldstein & Assoc.
Lee Sonya Kissik Magic Casting
Mali Finn Mali Finn Casting
David Rapaport Mali Finn Casting
Jonathan Leeder Mali Finn Casting
Orlette Ruiz Mambo Casting
Jason Wood Mandalay
Marci Liroff Marci Liroff Casting
Marilyn Granas Marilyn Granas Casting
Mark Randall Mark Randall Casting
Mark Sikes Mark Sikes Casting
Mark Teschner Mark Teschner Casting
Melissa Martin Martin Casting
Marvin Paige Marvin Paige Casting
Mary Downey Mary Downey Productions
Matthew Barry Matthew Barry
Juel Bestrop McCarthy & Bestrop Casting
Janet Gilmore McConnell/Gilmore Casting

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